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Humanly Product Design

Particle is a UX Design consultancy working on Enterprise & Consumer products, Wearable, IoT, Voice UI

UX Design Services

Particle specialize in enterprise UX design consultancy for complex systems to make it humanly understandable. Particle help you make your products easy to use and awesome, there by increasing efficency, user adoption & cost reduction

Mobile App Design

we understake iOS and Android app design for consume app to enterprise apps that are exciting to use.

Enterprise UX Design

Our indept knowledge in enterprise sofwares helps us to quickly understand their workflows and make it consumer friendly.

Branding and Visual

We can design your brand and visual language for your company or products.

E-commerce Site Design

We can help you increase your conversion rate, customer engagements and user perception about your product quality and UX.

User Research

We can conduct use research for your existing product and for your new idea. We can also run focus groups, surveys,, 1:1 user interviews, or even conduct usability lab testing.


We can build your corporate site using wordpress. We can also provide a cost effective ecommerce platform, payments and customer engagement modules.

UX Design

UX Design of mobile apps (iOS & Android) for ecommerse sites &  consumer apps. UX Design for Enterprise Software products.

E-commerce Sites & Mobile App Development

Design, development & hosting of wordpress websites for your business,  App development

Digital Marketing

Branding and logo design. Mailers & Banners, Social sites promotions,

Design Thinking Training

Today, design has gone far beyond its simple origins as a craft to develop powerful new ways for people to interact with the world, emphasizing experience, not technology.
Moreover, it has evolved into a way of thinking, of problem discovery, and of enhancing the lives of individuals using existing design tools & methodologies. It is about a mindset change in the entire organization. Get trained in Design Thinking


Feel user’s emotional state, Gather Insights, Identify user tasks, Context of use, User environmen.


Build user stories, Synthesize data, Define technology, Frame opportunities, Define problems


Generate wild ideas, Brainstrom without constraints, Explore multiple options, Go wide to go narrow


Showing is better than explaining, Build multiple crafts, Try various prototypes, Use simple artifacts


Test with real users, Seek feedback, Validate design ideas, Conduct user interviewes, surveys, U-tests

UX Training

Customized in-person workshops or remote training sessions for individuals to understand Design Thinking can be arranged as per your convinence. The online training lasts for 4-8 hrs with theory and practicals. Workshops can be conducted for 1-2day

Interaction Design

nteraction design(IXD) is a subset of human- computer interaction (HCI) field. It is the study of man – machine interactions to complete a certain user task or goal.

User Research

It focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies

Visual Design

It is the artistic use of images, color, shapes, typography, and form to enhance usability and improve the user experience. Als defining visual branding, logos, iconography, et

Design for Mobile

Understand the mobile first design approach. Learn about iOS and Android design patterns and principles.


We have worked on diverse range of product design from Industrial products to software user interfaces. Worked on complex enterprise apps, consumer sites, mobile and desktop apps.

About Us

Particle is a UX Design consultancy from Bangalore with a strong background in Industrial Design, Software Engineering and User Experience Design. Particle has extensive experience working with multinationals for complex enterprises Apps and consumer websites.

We have solved real life user problems and build exciting products in multiple domains. We have worked in well known companie across India, Europe, APAC and USA


A great team with diverse background in design, research, product, engineering & delivery.


Chief Design Officer

Industrial Designer and Software UX strategist. Masters in Design from IIT Bombay with Bachelors in Mechanical Eng.


Chief Researcher

Double PhD in Cognitive Psychology and more than 2 decade of experience in Human Factors.


Chief Delivery Officer

Led large customer accounts across USA, Europe and APAC.  Bachelors in Comp Science and MBA.


Director – Digital Marketing & Development

Bachelors in Electronic Engineering and expert in Software Development & Digital marketing.

Contact us

You can reach us on:  info@particle.ws